Charges for Property Damage - Building Moves - Etc

Charges for Property Damage - Building Moves - Etc


To establish the charges for labor, equipment and material costs associated with damages or destruction of Traverse Electric property, building moves, and contractors working under or near Traverse Electric's lines.


A. Damages to underground (U/G) and overhead (O/H) lines

  1. Traverse Electric shall be given adequate notice to allow Traverse Electric personnel to stake or locate U/G cable prior to the time a contractor or member-consumer starts excavating. This service will be free of charge if performed during regular working hours. Service after hours will be charged in accordance with (B) below
  2. Should the U/G cable be damaged because of misinformation when Traverse Electric personnel are present, there will be no charge for such damages
  3. Anyone digging into Traverse Electric U/G cable without having contacted Traverse Electric will bear the total repair cost incurred, including all labor (regular and overtime) material, transportation and overhead costs to make necessary repairs as provided below.
  4. Damages to Traverse Electric property by natural phenomena normally considered an act of God will not be charged.
  5. Damages caused by vandalism
    1. A contractor or consumer will not be charged for damages incurred when an investigation by local or county officials proves damages were due to vandalism.

B. Labor and Vehicle Charge

  1. Billed accordingly by Policy 300

C. Material Costs

  1. Inventory cost including material handling

D. For contractors working near Traverse Electric lines or persons moving buildings a minimum deposit equal to the total estimated costs will be made prior to any clearance being given.

  1. Any unused portion of the deposit will be returned to the contractor or person after Traverse Electric's actual expenses are deducted; however, any costs over and above the deposit shall be billed and paid by the contractor or person.
  2. For building moves Traverse Electric will receive a routing of the intended route at least three days in advance and reserves the right to re-route the move on passable roads to avoid disrupting electric service if it will not increase the mileage materially.


  1. The Manager and department heads are responsible for the administration of this policy.
  2. The Board of Directors is responsible for any change in or revision of this policy.