Residential Controlled Demand

Residential Controlled Demand


Available to all members who limit their household demand with a demand limiter.

Type of service

Single phase, 60 cycle, at available secondary voltage.

Monthly Rate

  • Service Charge: $76.00                                                 
  • Coincidental Demand: $18.65/kw
  • All kwh: $.07/kwh

Minimum Monthly Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be $76.00 plus sales tax.


  1. Demand meter activated by a load management receiver.
  2. Demand meter and load management receiver furnished by the Cooperative.
  3. Member installs load leveling equipment.
  4. Demand meters will be read monthly by Traverse Electric.
  5. Load leveler demand shall be set by member.

Terms of payment

The above charges are net.  Payment of the bill is due ten days after the bill is printed and sent.  All accounts not paid by due date shall pay one and one-half percent late charge on the unpaid balance of the account, minimum penalty of one dollar ($1.00).

Any service that is disconnected for less than 12 months, before the account is reconnected, the member will need to pay the service charges for the months the service was inactive plus a reconnect fee before the service will be reconnected.