Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Traverse Electric carries Marathon Water Heaters with a lifetime Warranty. Heating your water with an electric water heater is simple and efficient. Marathon water heaters are non-metallic, which means your water heater will never rust out. The Marathon has at least three inches of polyurethane foam insulation around the entire tank - top, bottom, and sides!

An electric Marathon water heater offers many advantages over conventional electric, propane or natural gas units, such as:

  • A Marathon has a lifetime warranty on the tank. If the tank should ever spring a leak while at its' original point of installation, a replacement heater will be supplied at no cost for the new heater.
  • If the heater should spring a leak within 6 years of the date of manufacture, Marathon will also allow up to $100 on a plumbers invoice for swapping out the heater.
  • If an element or thermostat should fail within 6 years of date of manufacture of the heater Marathon will also allow up to $50 on a plumbers invoice for changing out the part.
  • With over 3 inches of Envirofoam insulation surrounding the tank, heat loss is kept to a minimum, cutting you water heating costs.

Member Pricing:

  • 50 Gallon - $1140 retail - $300 rebate available*
  • 50 Gallon Short - $1125 retail - $300 rebate available*
  • 85 Gallon Grid Enabled - $1435 retail - $510 rebate available*
  • 100 Gallon Grid Enabled - $1600 retail - $600 rebate available

* Rebate available to qualified members only. Water heaters must be installed in a member's primary place of residence and under load control. One rebate per site. Members would also qualify for a $4.00 credit on monthly energy bill if total monthly kwh consumption is 700 kilowatts or more.

**please call 1-800-927-5443 for current water heater prices


    Wattage Elements Circuit Brk. (Amps) Wire Gauge Height Diameter
MR50238 50 3800/3800 20 12 66.75" 23.50"
MSR50238 50 3800/3800 20 12 47.25" 28.25"
MR85238 85 3800/3800 20 12 70.25" 28.25"
MR105238 105 3800/3800 20 12 70.75" 30.25"
MR105245 105 4500/4500 30 10 70.75" 30.25"

Standard 240 Volt AC single phase. Maximum test pressure of 300 PSI. Maximum working pressure of 80 PSI. Height includes factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve.